15 an Hour

I trust you are well. We will not be holding an October meeting. Our next meeting will be in November as it is a busy time for many.

We need to build popular support for a strong bill for $15 an hour that helps all workers to counter opposition that seeks to weaken the bill by denying a raise to all those who struggle.

While unemployment has dropped, prosperity remains uneven due to wage stagnation.

Countless New Jerseyans need this bill. More adults than teenagers occupy jobs that earn less than $15 an hour.

Below is a message from our ally NJ Working Families urging we contact our legislators tomorrow to urge that they support a $15 an hour minimum wage bill recently introduced into the legislature.

44288164_10104889884953206_8246284225603436544_nAbove, another picture from the Labor Day parade.

43622219_10104878893889386_4278695949838057472_n.jpgBelow, a picture from a press conference in New Brunswick featuring its Mayor Jim Cahill and Mayor Wilda Diaz of Perth Amboy.

According to a recent United Way ALICE Report, 2 of every 5 NJ families struggles to meet their basic needs. This is an increase in years past, despite decreases in unemployment rates and a stock market boom. New Jersey is on track to join three states and Washington D.C. to enact a statewide $15 minimum wage, which can directly stabilize over 1 Million New Jersey workers and their families. This can be a pivotal move in boosting our state’s economy and the economic security of workers, but can only do so if it applies to ALL New Jersey working families.

I’m asking you to help build support for A-4687 which gradually increases the states minimum wage to $15 for ALL workers. Our state cannot afford to leave any workers behind. Take action by emailing and calling your legislator today! Help urge legislators to live up to their commitment to New Jersey working families and pass a bill that provides a path to a $15 minimum wage for all workers, regardless of industry, geography and without age restrictions.


Take care,


Daniel L. Ulloa
American Workforce Association

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