About Us

The American Workforce Association (AWA) is a community organization with ties to labor unions founded to reverse  economic inequality that for 40 years has resulted in lower salaries and fewer benefits.

For 40 years, the majority of Americans have struggled more and more to get by. The jobs at the plants that built families and neighborhoods have gone away. The American Dream itself has transformed since the era of Horatio Alger’s rags to riches stories and dream of white picket fences. Now the American Dream is embodied by Tony Montana and Donald Trump.

Unions, which raised the American standard of living for so long, were caught off guard when they were sitting on their laurels and have never recovered. They believed in Corporate America and the promises of prosperity. Until one day CEOs decided they wanted to make more money and didn’t like the bargains they had made. They wanted to move their plants overseas and downsize their workforce. Too bad for the factory workers who took orders. Now they were ordered to make it on their own.

We are at a moment of crisis in the United States. Throughout American history, paradigm shifts have occurred periodically. They change our way of thinking and allow for growth when conditions have deteriorated to the point where change is necessary. Every so often in history, trends change and paradigms are broken. We are at such a point again.

Something must be done about it. There is dignity in work no matter the task. It’s a means to provide for yourself and enrich your community. The dignity is in part signified by a living wage and benefits. Anything less is an insult. To rectify this insult, we must fight back. We must organize.

That is why today I am proud to announce the establishment of the American Workforce Association or AWA. We here at AWA will be a voice for the middle class. We will uplift the struggling and those who still believe in the American Dream. We are a new interest group organized to be broadly based for those who feel left out and beaten down.

But we do not seek to reinvent the wheel. Nor do we pretend to have all the answers.  We seek to work with those fighting those who work every day to destroy labor rights not only for unions but for all working people. We will work with anyone will believes that it is unjust that inequality has risen to an egregious level in the United States, the wealthiest country in the world.

We will bring together the dispossessed, the frustrated, those who deserve more and have lost to at expense of others. But we will not call them victims. We will empower them. We will empower ourselves. We are the change we seek.

Sign up to learn more. Join the fight! Together we’ll win!